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Saturday, March 20, 2010

substantive conversations

Some new research has found that people who have substantive conversations are happier. It always seems strange to need research for something like this, something that we should know anyway, but it's nice that someone is seeing the significance of conversation with depth. Lately I've been leading group discussions after a film series we've had and when people get in small groups to talk about the films, they love it. You can just feel the energy go up in the room.

We need to find ways to do this more. In response to the new "Coffee Party" I'd like to have a decaf coffee party to bring people together to talk about ways to take back our time and live more slowly. Apparently some people on the right have decided to have a decaf party to make fun of the coffee party, but that doesn't have to stop us. This is something the Take Back Your Time campaign can do for our Oct 24th day of observance.

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